HP 15.6" Tech Tote (Black/ White/ Grey)
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Product SKU 15.6 inch Tech Tote
Brand HP
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  • Full-grained leather
  • Pebble-finished bottom
  • Compartment that fits laptop up to 17.3" (43.9cm)
  • Compartment that fits laptop up to 14" (35.6cm)
  • Dedicated zippered pocket for techs/gadgets
  • Optional battery pack that charges up to 3 devices
  • Allows you to charge your laptop without removing it from the bag
  • With RFID-blocking pockets
  • Available in 3 colours: Black 2UY69AA/ Grey 2UY70AA/ White 2UY71AA


2UY71AA HP 15.6" Spectre Tech Tote White

HP Spectre Tech Tote | HP Online Store

2UY69AA HP 15.6" Spectre Tech Tote Black

HP Spectre Tech Tote | HP Online Store

2UY70AA HP 15.6" Spectre Tech Tote Grey


HP Spectre Tech Tote

The latest technology deserves a carrying bag crafted with the same level of precision and refinement. Designed with a full grain leather exterior, padded interior, and optional battery pack, this tote keeps all your devices safe, secure, and fully charged.







What's in the box

1 x HP Spectre Tech Tote (Does not come with accessories)