Philips 31817 LED Ceiling IP65 12W
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Brand Philips
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  • Warranty: 1 year(s)
  • LED
  • Lifetime up to: 15,000  hour(s)

This light combines the brightness and durability of LED with the sealed protection of IP65 rating to provide a worry-free solution for hard areas; like the balcony, kitchen and bathroom. You can just simply install and forget about it


Quality lighting for a cozy home

  • 31817 27K Warm White / 65K Cool Daylight LED CEILING IP65 12W
  • white
  • LED


80% energy saving

80% energy saving


Up to 80% energy saving compared to standard incandescent light sources.




Easy installation

Easy installation


No more hassle in installation. Just fix or hang securely on the wall and plugin, now this luminaire is ready to light on.

Moisture resistant - Easy to maintain


Smooth surface finish for easy cleaning                             Even light distribution

Smooth surface finish for easy cleaning

  Even light distribution





What's in the box

1 x Philips 31817 LED Ceiling IP65 12W