Philips S10-P 4-65W Blue Performance Starter (25pcs/1box)
Price S$15.00
Product SKU 928392110102
Brand Philips
Size (L x W x H) 2.15 cm x 2.15 cm x 4.03 cm
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  • Premium quality ensures trouble-free operation; extremely low early replacements reduce maintenance costs
  • Safe end-of-life behaviour prevents safety issues
  • Redesigned canister top with a special notch; easy to install and replace with a screwdriver or with improved grip reducing installation time and cost
  • Flame-retardant components for additional security
  • Easily distinguished from counterfeit starters by specific shape with narrowed top, embossed range information and indented pins (patent-protected design)
  • UV-resistant canister protects against unsafe condition
What's in the box

1box Philips S10-P 4-65W Blue Performance Starter (25pcs)