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  • Energy saving
  • Optimal light performance
  • Long life and sustainable light output
  • Optimal light performance for short or long operation per switch on
  • Long life and sustainable light output
  • Continuous light line up to 12 pieces
  • Shadow free design
  • Quick fix, plug and play
  • High Quality
  • Energy-saving brightness

  • Small, high-performance bulb

  • Less carbon (CO2) output by your energy supplier.

  • Stylish cubic design
  • Timer mode selection, 15, 30, 60 minutes duration
  • Step-by-step voice guide to help you use it in the most effective way.
  • Microwave sensor detects moving objects up to 5-meter distance
  • Available in Champagne Gold and Silver Housing Finishes, Lamp included.
  • One Year Warranty: TUV lamp is non replaceable due to safety considerations
  • Tunable 
  • Smooth surface finish for easy cleaning
  • LED
  • 80% energy saving
  • Even light distribution
  • Lifetime up to 20,000 hour(s)

Make conference calls anywhere, with four microphones, advanced echo cancellation and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Be heard with 360 degree voice pick up
  • Keep conversations clear thanks to advanced noise cancellation and echo suppression
  • Hear voices and play music through the powerful speaker
  • Easily connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Take anywhere with up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Manage conference calls with the Philips WeCall app

Feel like you’re talking in person with the Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker. Four omni-directional microphones enable 360 degree voice pick up from up to 5 metres away, for clear and effortless communication. Advanced noise cancellation and echo suppression keep all conversations crystal clear


Long life and brilliant light Philips' Bridge technology gives PLC sticks more light output than traditional PLCs.

  • It also offers 10000hrs of lifetime, resulting in fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs.
  • Sustainable choice
  • Saves energy
  • Save Energy
  • Colour Temp: 6500K - Cool Daylight
  • Bright light - Brightboost technology
  • Shape: Circular fluorescent
  • Available in varying colour designations
  • Symmetrical, omni-directional light distribution
  • Saves energy
  • BrightBoost technology
  • High initial light output
  • Slim essential
  • Shape: Linear fluorescent tube
  • Saves energy
  • Extra Bright - Bright boost technology
  • Better colour rendering
  • Premium quality ensures trouble-free operation; extremely low early replacements reduce maintenance costs
  • Safe end-of-life behaviour prevents safety issues
  • Redesigned canister top with a special notch; easy to install and replace with a screwdriver or with improved grip reducing installation time and cost
  • Flame-retardant components for additional security
  • Easily distinguished from counterfeit starters by specific shape with narrowed top, embossed range information and indented pins (patent-protected design)
  • UV-resistant canister protects against unsafe condition