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Singapore, 2016

1. Information about data protection

Pantrade is highly committed to protecting and safeguarding my personal data. In this data protection declaration I have been informed of the purposes for which Pantrade saves data and how data are used.

2. Contractual data

I know that my personal data, which were given by me voluntarily, are placed at the disposal of Pantrade Electrical Pte Ltd (“Pantrade”). These data include in particular, but not exclusively, my name, address, phone number, e-mail addresses (hereinafter “personal data”). Pantrade has informed me that I may access my personal data in compliance with statutory provisions in order to update, correct, delete or block these.

Contact: care@pantrade.com.sg  

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4. Processing and use of data, advertising

Pantrade is authorised to collect, process, use, transfer, save and publish personal data all over the world (“Pantrade business units”), provided the applicable law requires or allows this or if my consent has been obtained.

5. Transfer of data to third parties

In so far as I have given my consent, Pantrade business units may allow business partners of business units to access my personal data. I know that the Pantrade business units and their partners have their registered offices in different countries and that many of these countries have data protection laws which do not concord with the provisions and level of protection offered by the data protection laws in my home country.

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I herewith declare my consent to the above by clicking on the box provided ("I have read the data protection provisions and consent to the processing and use of my personal data"). With this click I have accepted this agreement.

7. Revocation of consent

Pantrade has informed me that I can revoke or restrict the consent granted in connection with the use of my personal data at any time with future effect.

Contact: care@pantrade.com.sg

8. Accessibility of the data protection declaration

The content of this data protection declaration may be accessed on this website at any time.